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Ducks and Lankas
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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde.

alice in wonderland, ally sheedy, american beauty, anais nin, androgyny, angelina jolie, ani difranco, art, ash, bandaids, beauty, belle and sebastian, bisexuality, bracelets, brian froud, bubbles, but i'm a cheerleader, cassandra, chipped nail polish, christina ricci, clea duvall, cocoons, combat boots, crazy people, creativity, dancing, dandelions, dangerous angels, david bowie, delirium, dirt, drawing, dresses, drew berrymore, dried flowers, dryads, ducks, echo, ecstasia, eve, eyeliner, faerie tales, faeries, fake eyelashes, faux fur, feathers, femininity, fighter video, fiona apple, fishnets, fluttering, fosse, francesca lia block, fuzzy animals, garage sales, gardens, ghost world, girl goddess #9, girl interrupted, girls, giving people money, glam rock, glamour bombing, glitter, goddesses, gossamer, great expectations, grit, growing wings, heathers, high art, homeless people, hugs, independent films, kirsten dunst, kisses, kissing the witch, labrynth, lanka girls, lipgloss, lipstick, lost in translation, love, ma vie en rose, mab, magic, maleficent, mark ryden, mermaids, moths, moulin rouge, muses, natasha lyonne, nymphs, open-mindedness, ophelia, painting, pandora, persephone, photography, pj harvey, poe, poetry, pomegranates, prettiness, pretty makeup, primavera, rainbows, random acts of strangeness, rose and the beast, rusalkas, shiny things, short stories, showstudio, siamese twins, sirens, slinkster cool, sparkles, stardust, stars, strange little girls, strangers, sugar, suza scalora, sylvia plath, teenage faeries, the beatles, the bell jar, the dark crystal, the hanged man, the last unicorn, thora birch, thrift stores, tiaras, tinker bell, tinsel, tori amos, torn stockings, velvet goldmine, veruca salt, violet and claire, virgin suicides, water faeries, weetzie bat, white oleander, white witches, winona ryder, witch baby, writing, zines

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