kOaL. (starsfallineyez) wrote in slinkstercool,

time to grow up...

how many people here have lots of stuffed animals?
because i do. and i feel like i should get rid of them because i'm not 7.
but i can't do it. i don't know what to do. and i'm freaking out.
and my boyfriend is like "are you going to keep them forever". and i don't know what to say.

its not really just stuffed animals either. my whole room is full of things. i don't know anymore, at all.
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Calm down duckie. It's perfectly fine. I myself have a bed that overflows with plushies, a plastic bin filled with beanie babies, and another plastic tub stuffed full of even more animals. Even now as I sit in my dorm room I have a camel, a giraffe, and a puppy that sit on my pillows; a unicorn and a mongoose next to said pillows; a "husband" pillow that has the Atashi bunny from Chobits, a dalmation beanie, a ram beanie, a hedgehog beanie, a chicken beanie, an airedale beanie, Gaara from Naruto, a huge TheDog dalmation, plus Kyo and Momiji from Fruits Basket. That's not including the nine more plushies at my desk. I'm 19 years old and a Sophmore in college, and I still sleep with the blanket my mother and grandmother made for me as a baby. If anyone teases, I shrug. I love my toys, they're absolutely adorable. As for the blanket, I'm not going to toss it because it's so old. It's still a good blanket, there's no point!

In other words, you're not alone. So just take a deep breath, and stop freaking out. Being an adult doesn't mean you can't like cute things ♥
I have tons of stuffed animals

but i also have this pillow that i've had since i was born, it was actually a pillow my grandma used to sleep with and she helped raise me when i was a newborn and when she left to go back to the philippines (my parents are filipino) my mom couldn't put me to sleep without laying me down on the pillow to smell her. Well now it doesn't smell like her anymore but i've always had an attachment to it and still can't sleep without it, my parents tried to wean me off it when i was 8 (i'm 20 now) they cut it in half, i still have it to this day....still sleep with it every night

hope that made you feel better