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you guys should watch "my life without me"

it's about this young woman with 2 kids who finds out she has a tumor on both her ovaries, and has 2 months to live, and she writes this list of things to do before she dies, like find a new wife for her husband and makes tapes of her saying happy birthday to her 2 daughters for every yer til they turn 18

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This isn't really FLB related but I really need help.
I have to write a poem about someone in my class and I have to read it out loud. But I am stuck I can't think of any words ( I am doing an acrostic poem) This is all I have

S is for smile, which is always on her face
A is for
M is for
I is for
N is for nice, she is always friendly towards others
A is for

time to grow up...

how many people here have lots of stuffed animals?
because i do. and i feel like i should get rid of them because i'm not 7.
but i can't do it. i don't know what to do. and i'm freaking out.
and my boyfriend is like "are you going to keep them forever". and i don't know what to say.

its not really just stuffed animals either. my whole room is full of things. i don't know anymore, at all.

a thought for your head..

did anyone ever think that in 'ICE' in Rose and the Beast, that K was Kurt Cobain and that the ice queen was courtney love?

i know i thought it the first time i read it, and i just read it again the ither day and thought the same thing.

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Belladonna Tea! A Francesca Lia Block related fanzine that is twelve issues long.
Issue 1.


As an independent magazine, Belladonna Tea relies on your help to get subscribers and readers. Spread the word, lovelies.

To subscribe, drop an email at whynothing.glows@gmail.com And send us your address. Or you can send a $3.00 check or concealed cash ((We don’t have the paypal account up quite yet)) to:

Meghan Daugherty
14510 Georgia St.
Crown Point, IN 46307

Merci and au revoir!