Jillian (jillybean956424) wrote in slinkstercool,

This isn't really FLB related but I really need help.
I have to write a poem about someone in my class and I have to read it out loud. But I am stuck I can't think of any words ( I am doing an acrostic poem) This is all I have

S is for smile, which is always on her face
A is for
M is for
I is for
N is for nice, she is always friendly towards others
A is for
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omg you are my sister. and i heart you.
hahaha yes i am your sister
one of the A's could be Amber... if her eyes are amber colored?

M could be... magnificent, magenta for lips? (I'm on a color craze for some reason)

I... inspirational? inspired? intrancing(even though its supposed to be spelled with an e... poetry gives you licence to cheat... right?)... you could put I is for ignominious, which she is not. Just because I can't think of any more i words.

and the other A... attractive (in either a physical, or magnatic sort of way) attracts the attention of others, attracts kindness, attracts goodness, etc... orrr ummmm... a-symetric? Alabama? Yeah okay. I quit.